Thursday, 19 May 2016

Wednesday, 11 May 2016




The purpose of my visual appendix is to connect with the essay by showing how Soviet Russia’s artists communicated with an audience during 20th century. The idea of my essay was to look in depth at how artists utilized different styles, colours and techniques to express propaganda in a more influential way. To maximize its capabilities using graphic design. The best way to further explore this idea and prove and or provide more arguments supporting my essays claims, is to interpret and create something which can prove how far the magic of propaganda can influence a person’s opinions and beliefs, for example: posters design. As the main designer for the posters I will choose Rodchenko. 


This guest lecture was very exciting. Manchester based independent graphic designer Dave Sedgwick who was talking about his experience from the University times and now. His works are very unique and fresh.  He told us that when he was in the university tutors gave him very good feedback but when he went in to industry everything changed ( this sentence just had stuck in my head ) . That is why designers need to be as creative as they can and always improve. 

This project is called The Cannonball. He was asked by Barcelona design studio Lo Siento to work with them on a branding project for The Cannonball - a television, film and production company. This design I found very interesting, because they used actual cannonballs and grid to make amazing posters and other things as stationary, business cards and etc. Talking about Dave I like him, because he does not afraid to be very very different and he does not afraid to fail. That is how a real designer should look like. Over all,  I really enjoyed this guest lecture and I think his experience and his recommendations will help me in the future.   

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Peter Tarka is a young graphic designer and illustrator from Poland.  He has worked as an graphic designer since 2008. His works being featured in many magazines and sites about graphic design (Behance, Abduzeedo, PSDtuts and many many more). Peter sure knows how to deliver a strong creative typographic works. His design has a fresh ideas and unique style. This artist I found a few weeks ago and by that second I fell in love with his design. 



Monday, 9 May 2016


more more more experimentation with C4D. It is like an addiction

Inspiration strikes again. This time I wanted to create something using SPLINE tool in C4D. I listened a few tutorials just to get a better grasp of the program. I made this word hello with C4D program and after that I transferred everything into illustrator.   


This is my final piece of the COLLIDE brief. The main idea of this work was to show that my happiness will never change that is why I chose a bag as the material to conserve something for eternity. I am addicted for the street photography, vanilla ice - cream and watermelons. I just can not live without them. Talking about number 3 - it is my "lucky" number. All these four things partially sum up my life. Of course, these permanent only material objects not involving feelings, friendships and etc. I am really happy about this project and I think I have done a great and eye catching work. 


Another C4D experimentation. I want to experiment as much as possible to reach the best design. My friend always says this very annoying word "whatever" therefore I decided to make a cheerful poster using this word. That piece of work was quite hard to make because I tried new way of creating "balloon" type.